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Thursday, December 13, 2012

BLOG TOUR: The Knife In My Back by Stacey Covington-Lee

Brook Mansfield was born into a life of privilege. She had a family that loved her and all of the advantages that came from being rich, smart and beautiful. She also had friends, one of which was Tameka Williams.

Brook Mansfield was born into a life of privilege. She had a family that loved her and all of the advantages that came from being rich, smart and beautiful. She also had friends, one of which was Tameka Williams.

Tameka was a desperate woman looking to gain fortune, fame and love at any cost. Despite the warnings from others, Brook took Tameka in and tried to love her as a sister. However, after taking the one thing that meant the most to Brook, it was time for the tables to turn. Tameka had used and betrayed her for the last time.


Wayne held Tameka while she sobbed. He was so confused as to how to handle or comfort her. He had never seen someone so obsessed with someone else’s life. He could not understand why she couldn’t be happy with the life that she had made for herself. Couldn’t understand why she couldn’t be happy with the life that they could build together. And as he held her, Tameka came to the realization that he didn’t know and would never understand her. She would never be able to get him to see things from her point of view. So she decided to dry up and let him believe that he helped her feel better and that her little tantrum was over. She would keep her feelings to herself from now own.

“Tameka, I promise you that together we will make a great life for ourselves. We will have our own family and a beautiful home. You’ll be proud of the life we make together. I promise.”

“I know, baby, I guess I just had to get all of this off of my chest. Jealousy is an ugly thing and I hate that I let it do this to me,” Tameka said with an ugly smirk on her face.

She didn’t mean a word of what she was saying and Wayne should have realized that. But instead he chose to believe what made him feel better about his beloved, Tameka. He would learn soon to see her for what she was and not the woman he wanted her to be. But for now, he held her in his arms and held on to the dream that he had of the wonderful life he wanted them to share.

Stacey Covington-Lee is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. She has written multiple manuals and training guides for various companies and local government. However, it was her love for literature that led her to pin her first novel in 2009. Since that time, Stacey has written several short stories and two additional novels. Her first published novel, The Knife in My Back, was re-released by Delphine Publications November 2012.

Stacey continues to live in an Atlanta suburb with her family and is currently working on her next novel. Visit her at www.staceycovingtonlee.com for a full chapter excerpt of The Knife In My Back and a sneak peek at her second novel, The First Cut Is The Deepest.

Get to Know Stacey:

Q. How old were you when you first started writing and what motivated you?

A. I was around eleven years old when I read a book by Judy Blume called Are You There God? It’s Me Margret. Something about that book lit a spark in me and set me on a journey to write my own pre-teen novel.

Q. What inspires your writing?

A. I am inspired by the people around me. I love watching how folks interact with one another , how they speak to each other and what angers them or brings them joy.

Q. Your novel, The Knife In My Back, primarily focuses on the relationships between female friends, why is that?

A. There are numerous books that discuss the male/female relationship. However, the relationship between girlfriends can be so complex and at time so difficult that I felt it deserved to be highlighted.

Q. Does the book primarily focus on the negative aspects of friendship?

A. While the relationship between characters Tameka and Brook is a very volatile one and dominates the storyline, there is also the loving and supportive friendship between Mia and Brook and it celebrates the kind of friendship we all long for.

Q. Was any part of this book based on real life experiences?

B. I think that we have all had to deal with a troubled friendship at some point in time, but fortunately I’ve not had a female in my life that has presented me with the evil and deceptive ways that Tameka possess.

Q. Would men also find your novel interesting or do you think they would view it as a “chick novel?”

A. Men would absolutely find the novel entertaining. It’s a great story with wonderful male characters. The men in this book are strong, successful men that support and love their women. There’s no male bashing here, but plenty of lust, love and drama.

Q. Can we expect to read more from you in the near future?

A. Yes, you can look for my next novel, The First Cut Is The Deepest, to hit bookshelves early 2013. It is the follow up to The Knife In My Back and begs the question, are some people beyond redemption?

Contact Info/web links: www.staceycovingtonlee.com; Twitter @covingtonlee; Facebook/StaceyCovingtonLee1; email lee27495@bellsouth.net

Book Available:




Thursday, December 6, 2012

BLOG TOUR: Split Image by Anna Black

Best-selling and award winning author Anna Black is a native of Chicago and has done her duty to deliver page tuning romance novels, with a urban spin. Her first release Now You Wanna Come Back, released under Delphine Publications in 2009, earning Anna her title as best-selling author and she didn’t stop there. Her follow up novels Luck of the Draw, Who Do I Run To, Now You Wanna Come Back part 2 and Who Do I Run To Now, has also top the charts on Amazon, coming in at number one for Amazon Kindle. Anna is not only a writer, but she is a radio personality for AAMBC Radio and she writes for her local community for their local monthly new. Soon to release her sixth novel Split Image, Anna is working on the final installment for her hit series Now You Wanna Come Back. The third and final novel is due to release April of 2013 and Anna doesn’t plan to hang her writing shoes on the shelf anytime soon, so readers keep your ears and eyes open for more to come from this romance queen. Anna currently resides in Groesbeck, Texas with her husband Chris and her daughter Tyra. She is currently the GM for a hotel in her area and hopes to one day have a publishing company of her own.

Please tell us about you and your book(s).

My latest book is titled Split Image and it is about a woman from a small town that pursued her dreams of being a singer against her southern Baptist minister father’s wishes and ends up in a very bad situation with a man she should have never gotten involved with. She lies about where she is from and her family and hides the fact that she has an identical twin sister, who will suffer for her sister’s bad choices. Tell us why we should read your book(s)? Well my books are categorized as romance, but they offer realistic story-lines that average people go through. Since I don’t write fantasy romance more readers can relate, because the story lines are based on scenarios that could really happen.

Get to Know Anna:

1. What inspired you to write it?

A dream actually. I dreamed it and woke up looking for my pad and pen.

2. What do you enjoy doing when you are not writing?

Spending time with my family. We are close and we do a lot together. We are very competitive and we always have some type of game going on.

3. Do you have a motto?

Yes, it is you get what you put in. If you put in much work, you get much success, if you put in a little, you get a little.

4. What are your pet peeves?

Be a man or woman of your word. Do what you say you’re going to do. 5. If you had a chance to have a dinner date with anyone-dead or alive- who would it be? Why?

Christ, because I have a million and one questions for him.

6. What is one word that describes you?


7. What is the best advice someone gave you?

You can’t hold on to someone who wants to go. You should never have to convince someone to stay with you.


Email address: annablackreaders@ymail.com
www.amazon.com, www.b&n.com, www.smashwords.com, www.annablacknet/books.html, www.delphinepublications.com/home/component/rokquickcart/:view=rokquickcart

Juliana Valentine had it all, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy her thirst for love from the one and only man that she couldn’t have, Reginald Towers. She thought giving him the one thing that his wife Lisa couldn’t would make him leave and marry her, but instead it made the situation worse and Reginald went to the extreme to cover his infidelity and secrets. Putting her identical twin sister Julia who no one knew of into a situation she’d never thought she be in. Unwilling at first to go along with Reginald’s evil scheme, he is forced to threaten the lives of Julia’s loves ones to keep his secrets hidden and Miles, her twin sister’s other lover is the only one who can help Julia escape the snare that Reginald has her trapped in.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Rafael by K. Victoria Chase

The Santiago Brothers Book One

The last time Detective Genie Green let a man humiliate her was her college sweetheart--never again. Yet, when former high school lothario Rafael Santiago returns to town as the consulting detective on her case, Genie's rule of never allowing another man to best her is challenged. Can she trust him long enough to solve this case and get the glory?

Rafa can't seem to outrun his delinquent past. When The Snakes, a criminal organization he used to belong too, begin murdering people from his hometown, he has a chance to right some of his past wrongs. Will arresting the murderers be enough to redeem him, or will a certain beautiful detective pay the ultimate price instead?

A Christian interracial romantic suspense.

Click HERE To Order Your Copy TODAY

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Conversations of a Watchman: Prayers to Frame your Prophetic Destiny Virtual Book Tour

About the Book

How does a person move from a place deficient of light? How can an individual shift from a place of complete and utter chaos, obscurity, apathy, and adversity? The pathway to transformation is through in-depth conversations with the One True God of Creation–El•ō•hēm'. For you to move to a place of prophetic providence, your conversation must be divinely inspired. Hebrews 11:3 states: “The worlds were framed by the Word of God.” Framing begins with an idea, expands as a result of the imagination, and gives life through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit through divine utterance for a specific purpose. Declaring the Word of God releases the creative power of God for authentic transformation.

K. E. Allen designed this book to draw you into a deeper conversation with the Father to renew your prayer life, mend your brokenness, enlighten your pathway, and arrange your chaos according to the divine order of God. This resource will help you exercise your kingly and priestly authority and impose kingdom mandates to release God’s original intent in your life, family, community, city, region, and nation. It will encourage you to frame your prophetic destiny.

About the Author

K. E. ALLEN has proven to be an incredible, spiritual force in the Kingdom of God by displaying a God given indomitable spirit to change atmospheres and environments. Through the extraordinary gift of intercession and pure worship, she has become a spiritual weapon in the hand of the Lord whose knowledge is relevant for the church today. She is a dynamic leader, extravagant worshiper and prophetic intercessor whose worship has become a definitive lifestyle that penetrates and permeates every facet of her life and the lives of those she touches. Karla is a leader to leaders and lives a life of committed consistent intercession, giving selflessly of herself in her prayer closet. For over 20 years, as a student and teacher of the Word and woman of faith, she implements the truth of the Bible through the dynamics of intercession and worship that releases a tangible anointing. Knowing firsthand the transformative power of God in her own life, she is determined to see others healed, delivered and set free. Karla will stop at nothing to see God move in the lives of His people!


Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Conversations-Watchman-Prayers-Prophetic-Destiny/dp/0985448008/ref=sr_1_11?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1351250787&sr=1-11&keywords=k.e.+allen





Connect with Karla

Email: customercare@freshreign.com
Website: www.freshreign.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/FreshReignPublishing
Twitter: @ fresh_reign

Tell us about yourself?

I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. I have a strong legacy of women and men of God that have impacted my life. But, the person who has had the greatest influence on my life is my grandmother, Mary Williams. She was a strong woman of faith and prayer. In a denomination where female preachers were not accepted, one could always find her preaching, teaching, and hosting meetings/shut-ins where people would be filled with the Holy Spirit and demons were cast out. In fact, I have her ordination papers that she kept hidden under her bed. Why do I tell you about my grandmother when you ask about me? Because if it wasn’t for her courage and strength I would not be who I am. I watched her life until the day of her passing and as an adult, it is my desire to emulate her life. As she was a woman of wisdom and grace, so am I. Who am I? Inside of me is a strong inheritance of prayer, faith, and a full life in Christ Jesus-all passed down to me by my grandmother, my grandfather, and my parents.

What was the most difficult aspect of writing this book?

By far, the most difficult aspect of writing this book was the editing process.

Did you have to do any special research for this book?

When one writes about principles pertaining to the Bible, there is always extensive research and study involved so as to ensure accuracy.

Why do you write? Is it something you have always done or always wanted to do? Or is it something you started fairly recently?

I write because it is a passion I enjoy. As far as I can remember, I have always loved to write. As a young child I wrote fiction stories all the time. In my teenage years, I wrote poetry and by the time was in college I started writing songs. So, writing, in some form, has always been a part of my life.

How did you feel when you received the first copy of your book?

It was a surreal moment. Being able to hold what God had given me in my hands literally overwhelmed me. My heart was filled with so much gratitude towards God and all the people that had help my God-given dream become a reality.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Blood Done Signed My Name Virtual Tour with M. Ann Ricks

Getting to Know More about M. Ann Ricks

What can we expect from you in the future?

It is my hope to continue to assist other Christian writers with my literary workshop for aspiring Christian writers called, “Conversations…. Writing to Reconcile”. I had the wonderful opportunity to share it regionally but would love to be afforded a venue that could allow me to do so nationally. As believers in Christ it is our mandate to reconcile others to God. Using our literary gifts is certainly one way we can accomplish that awesome task. Additionally, for all who are interested, I distribute electronically, (on-line), a monthly newsletter, M. Ann’s Literary Communiqué and prayerfully it will continue to increase in circulation. Lastly, I’ve begun my 4th novel, The SHIFT!

How do we find out about you and your books? Please feel free to visit my website www.mannricks.net. Interested readers may find all of my novels on all online literary establishments. (i.e.: www.amazon.com / www.bn.com).

How may readers contact you?

For speaking engagements, Literary Dialogues and book club gatherings, or simply to provide feedback, please feel free to contact me directly using: Godsauthor@mannricks.net. I also have an Author’s Page on Facebook: M. Ann Ricks Literary Creations.

Are there any words of encouragement for unpublished writers?

Firstly, one must believe in their gift and talent. Rejection is part of the process but persistence is the key. I have learned that what God has started in me, He is obligated to finish and I will be successful. If He has called you to it… He will see you through it!! As an author, your assignment is to write, God will send people for your life. The other aspects; promotion, marketing, notoriety and money will come… Seek ye first the Kingdom, (seek to do God’s will) and everything else will be added!

What question would you love to answer that I didn't ask?

There is one question… People write for so many reasons so the question would be for me to finish this statement:” I became a writer because”… I am a writer because creating and sharing stories of faith, His unconditional and unending love will change lives and provide spiritual revelation thus augmenting the Kingdom of God. I believe this is what God has purposed for my life and I am determined to walk in my purpose!

This is such a wonderful opportunity and I certainly thank you so very for this interview! I feel amazingly BLESSED!!!

Answer the following question and be entered to win an autographed copy of The Blood Done Signed My Name: What did my husband tell me during one of my pity parties? Go to my website, www.mannricks.net 
to find the answer....And come back tomorrow to find out even more about me!

About the Author

M. Ann Ricks, a Christian Fiction novelist is the author of Awesome Wonder: The Gift of Remembrance , The Son and THE BLOOD DONE SIGNED MY NAME. She resides in Bear, Delaware and is a graduate of Rider University and formerly a national accounts insurance executive. Using Jesus Christ as her example, as He shared many parables, she creates stories with fictional characters who contend with real life issues and inserts the Word of God to communicate the genuine and unfailing love of God. She is honored to be used by God to spread His message with the stories she creates with the leading of the Holy Spirit, knowing that He will provide her with the stories that will lift up the name of Jesus as He promised that if He is lifted up, He will draw all men to Him. M. Ann is also what one may consider a motivational/inspirational speaker but prefers, “Godspirational” as one may only be truly inspired and transformed when hearing the uncompromised word of God.

About the Book

Are the sins of the father and mother visited upon their sons and daughters? Undoubtedly damaged, Honey Lamb is a descendant of a legacy of molestation, addiction, murder and bad decisions. As long as she could remember, she believed the unhappiness she experienced was bequeathed to her; almost as if her own blood tainted her DNA. Experiencing more than her share of misery, Honey believed she’d overcome her past when she married Mason. Unfortunately, unsettling memories emerge to crack the veneer of her happy existence. Feeling unable to escape what she believed to be her destiny, Honey makes a decision that may have ruined her life. Not realizing God places people in our lives, she embarks upon a journey that will open her heart to a divine inheritance. Will she accept what God has already given or shun the invitation of salvation, allowing her familial legacy to continue? Will she understand that Jesus redeemed us with a spiritual blood transfusion that could change us all?



Monday, November 19, 2012

COVER AUTHOR: Rochelle Alers

Rochelle Alers has been hailed by readers and booksellers alike as one of today’s most prolific and popular African American authors of romance and women’s fiction.

With seventy titles and nearly two million copies of her novels in print, Ms. Alers is a regular on the Waldenbooks, Borders and Essence bestseller lists, regularly chosen by Black Expressions Book Club, and has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Emma Award, Vivian Stephens Award for Excellence in Romance Writing, the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award and the Zora Neale Hurston Literary Award.

She is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Iota Theta Zeta Chapter and her interests include gourmet cooking and traveling.

A full-time writer, Ms. Alers lives in a charming hamlet on Long Island.

Sometimes love can take you by surprise ...

Kara Newell has a big-city life that needs a major shake-up. Her dedication as a social worker is unwavering, yet her heart tells her that there is more to life than just work. Kara gets the push she needs when she shockingly inherits a large estate on an island off the South Carolina coast. Now the charming town of Angels Landing awaits her . . . along with a secret family she never knew she had.

After surviving war, loss, and heartbreak, ex-marine Jeffrey Hamilton takes his position as sheriff of idyllic Cavanaugh Island very seriously. So he is the perfect person to watch over the beautiful, confident woman who has turned her new family's expectations upside down-and stepped into the crosshairs of angry local residents.

But soon Kara becomes more than just a job to him, and he begins to need her in ways he never expected. As Kara and Jeffrey confront the town gossips together, they'll learn to face their fears and forgive their pasts in order to find a future filled with happiness in Angels Landing.




Some browsers have problems so try this one if you do -


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SORMAG's Readers Choice Award 2012 Winners

Thank you for taking the time to vote.  Here are our 2012 winners.
Featured Author Of The Year Featured on SORMAG
Naomi Chase

Romance Author Of The Year Featured on SORMAG
Naomi Chase

Fiction Author Of The Year Featured on SORMAG
Keith Thomas Walker

Non-Fiction Author Of The Year Featured on SORMAG
Danyelle Scroggins

Children Author Of The Year Featured on SORMAG
Gwendolyn Hooks

Young Adult Author Of The Year Featured on SORMAG
Shanisha Dodson

Christian Author Of The Year Featured on SORMAG
Leslie Sherrod

Debut Author Of The Year Featured on SORMAG
Regena Bryant

Featured Blog Tour On SORMAG

Money Can't Buy Love by Connie Briscoe Tour

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Time To Vote for SORMAG's Reader's Choice Awards

Voting for the SORMAG's Reader's Choice Awards is open.

Voting will close November 7th.  12 a.m. central time

SORMAG's Reader Choice Nominations are the top viewed posts featured on SORMAG.

The winners are selected by SORMAG reader's votes.

1. Featured Author Of The Year Featured on SORMAG

Angeline Bishop
Jacqueline J. Holness
Chanta Rand
Naomi Chase

2. Romance Author Of The Year Featured on SORMAG

Chanta Rand
Angeline Bishop
Nicole Green
Naomi Chase

3. Fiction Author Of The Year Featured on SORMAG

Nakia R. Laushaul
Kieth Thomas Walker
Rosyln McMillian
Tamika Newhouse

4. Non-Fiction Author Of The Year Featured on SORMAG

Sherman Turner
Jacqueline J. Holness
Danyelle Scroggins

5. Children Author Of The Year Featured on SORMAG

Sandra Ardoin
Tony Lindsay
Gwendolyn Hooks

6. Young Adult Author Of The Year Featured on SORMAG

Vicky Alvear Shecter
K. Dawn Byrd
Shanisha Dodson
Precarious Yates

7. Christian Author Of The Year Featured on SORMAG

Mimi Jefferson
Sonnie Beverly
Leslie Sherrod
Lynn Hernas

8. Debut Author Of The Year Featured on SORMAG

Ruthie Robinson
Regena Bryant

9. Featured Blog Tour On SORMAG

Money Can't Buy Love by Connie Briscoe Tour
Master of Disguises byJames Benjamin Blog Tour
If You Love Me By Claudia Moss Tour


Friday, October 5, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: How To Let Go and Let God by Regina Baker

How To Let Go and Let God is a message of personal pain and how the author sought God for the peace only He can promise. Letting go and letting God, means to “cast all your cares” to God. Whether it's a relationship, job, friendship, passing of a loved one, this book will give you suggestions on exactly what you need to do to let go, let God. Are you in an adulterous relationship and need to let go? Did you pray about something and still find yourself worrying about it, even when you thought you let go? Are you wondering how do I let go and let God?

“An awe inspiring book on “How to Let Go and Let God.” Her vulnerability to share personal pain will melt the hearts of every reader. Her genuine understanding that fixes to life’s challenges don’t come without process, will open up the eyes of many. Lastly, Regina demonstrates that by letting go and letting God, we are destined to see His awesome power working on our behalf. “How to Let Go and Let God” is right on time for the days we live in. Individuals, couples and families would do good to read this book.” ~ Pastor Ced Reynolds

If you are surrendering to prayer (having discussions with God) then why are you doubting God? And if you’re doubting what you just prayed, why do it at all? Is it because you’ve been told to pray and it’s just a habit but you don’t really have the faith to believe? Are you willing to go through the process? I believe relief comes based on how you go through the (faith) process, that determines your outcome.

We all at some point in our lives will experience a “Job” moment, maybe not as tragic as his, however, a trial is a trial. It’s at that moment, we must determine whether we choose whether or not to wallow in self pity or seek God for His infinite wisdom and guidance and ultimately, let go.
When we let go (give it over to God), it is only then that will we receive the spiritual guidance we need in order to get past the pain, the unknowing and day in and day out challenges of this world.

Let’s face it, letting go and letting God is not an easy thing to do however, it’s a simple choice. You let go of the things you can’t fix, you let go of the battles that really aren’t yours, you let go of justifying the wrong reason to get selfish gratification.

How To Let Go and Let God, is a message of hope. It describes the pain Baker dealt with and how she got past it. It’s a testimony of God’s grace and mercy, that when we give it all over to Him, He’s faithful to give us the true understanding of what faith really means and how to adapt it in every area of our lives.

“How to Let Go & Let God,” is mind changing. Baker's transparency and willingness to share her story of overcoming trials will bless the masses. If you are wrestling with issues in your life you must purchase this book today. You will not stop reading until you’re finished. And when you’re finished you’ll want more.“ How To Let Go & Let God” should be part of your everyday earthly instructional reading. This book is now part of my Christian reference materials. Thank you for providing simple instructions on truly “Letting Go and Letting God”. ~ Nicole Cleveland

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Irreconcilable Differences 'til death do us part by Ronnie C. Dawson

After suffering a tragic loss, Mia Davis looks toward her future, to move on from a heartbreaking past. Will new life, love and laughter help her to find her way? Or will death, deceit, and disloyalty destroy her? Can she trust those closest to her? Can they trust her?

It's often said that, “Whatever doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.” This may be true individually, but is this true in relationships? Does “No matter what.” really mean just that?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Taboo Tree by AlTonya Washington

Rivalries, secret romances and scandals fed the feud between the Gwaltneys and Augustines for decades. The two families shared an uneasy co-existence, until terrible tragedy touched the Gwaltneys. Years later, the two eldest Augustine children, chose to chart their family history. In doing so, they made a devastating discovery. Their family shared more than hatred with the Gwaltneys. They shared blood. The kids decided to cover the explosive revelation. The decision would have consequences none of them could have foreseen. Many years later, tragedy struck again. History would repeat itself as new romances bloomed amid the pain of the loss and vows for revenge. The truth would have to be revealed. Whether the secret would ruin the families forever or finally unite them, was a chance they would have to take.

Website address www.lovealtonya.com

Click HERE To Order Your Copy TODAY

Monday, September 24, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Secrets by Crystal Rhodes

After a devastating loss, Reverend Nedra Davis-Reasoner knows that she can depend on the love and support of her bad boy husband, Sinclair. He has been her rock since their controversial affair led to a love match years ago. Unfortunately, Sin falls short as he harbors a secret and an obsession that threatens to jeopardize their marriage. For comfort Nedra turns to renowned spiritual guru, Adam Casey, a man with deep, dark secrets of his own. Adam is also a man with an agenda. He plans to make Nedra his, but to do so he faces one obstacle. Sinclair Reasoner must be eliminated permanently.

Click HERE To Order Your Copy TODAY

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: The Mind of a Poetic Unsub by G.P.A.(Greatest Poet Alive)

The third book of Poetry from award winning author G.P.A.(Greatest Poet Alive),The Mind of a Poetic Unsub is an autobiographical look at the author's experiences..But this book is also an exercise in flexing poetic muscle by showing G.P.A.'s diversity in subjects. Electrifying!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: The Season of Sin by Stacy-Deanne

Detective Brianna "Bree" Morris and her partner and ex-lover Steven Kemp are back. This time they are thrown head first into a gruesome homicide that brings forth as many secrets as it does clues.

Brianna's psychiatrist, Dr. Nadia Hollister is stabbed to death in her upstairs bathroom. Brianna, who is at Nadia's while the murder happens, is the only witness. Unfortunately she was knocked unconscious by the killer and only has the memory of the killer's scent to go on.

Brianna and Steven sign on to help Homicide Detective Jayce Matthews solve the case. With Nadia's journals as her guide, Bree learns that Nadia was keeping a devastating secret that has something to do with her adopted daughter. The renowned doctor was not whom she seemed to be and her secret may not have only got her killed but could ruin the foundation of her entire family.

The police hunt for suspects but Nadia's secret could wreck the lives of many, all who have motive to kill her.

The deeper Brianna and Steven dig into Nadia's past; the more they question whether Nadia was the true victim after all.


Friday, August 24, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: The Fall by Chana Keefer

THE FALL is a biblical retelling of ancient times through the eyes of an angel who was once best friends with Lucifer.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Bread Upon the Water

Duong Tien knows as a boy he is called by God to be a priest. When South Vietnam falls to the communist regime, he has no choice but to escape his country. As a "boat person" Tien has no money, no clothes, no food, no water. All he has is his faith. He discovers that is enough.
Bread Upon the Water  is the true story of Tien's two escapes and the terrors that beset him and thousands like him, an unshakable faith,  and his ultimate victory over the English language.

Click the Buy button on the author's website.

Friday, August 17, 2012


When a teenager goes missing from the Beacon of Hope School, Texas Ranger Wyatt Sheridan and school director Kate Winslow are forced into a dangerous struggle against a human trafficking organization. But the battle brings dire consequences as Wyatt's daughter is terrorized and Kate is kidnapped.   

  Now it's personal, and Wyatt finds both his faith and investigative skills challenged as he fights to discover the mastermind behind the ring before evil destroys everyone he loves.

  Web address http://www.margaretdaley.com

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Can I help you create an online marketing plan?

I know marketing can be a pain in the butt.

I’m here to ease a little of your pain.

Let me create an online marketing plan tailored just for you.

I will give you ten things to do each month to take the guess work out of how to promote your book online.

I will make it fun and all you have to do is execute the plan.

Does this sound like something you would like to do?

Contact me at writerlch@yahoo.com for my rates.

I look forward to working with you.

LaShaunda C. Hoffman

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Cleansed by Fire

Two churches have been burned in a small Texas town. Father Frank DeLuca, pastor of Prince of Peace Church, hears that another church will be burned. But, he hears this in the confessional and church law forbids him from telling anyone, even the police.

He doesn’t know which church, when, or by whom. Still, he can’t sit idly by. He begins to investigate possible suspects. There’s the mysterious newcomer involved in the local drug scene, the man who burns a paper cross and says the churches deserve to burn, the school drop-out who mixes alcohol and drugs, and others. As Father Frank digs deeper, he is threatened and attacked.

Countering this are a young widow whose mission is to make others shine, and a youth choir determined to help those whose churches have been destroyed by the arsonist.

Can Father Frank prevent another church from being torched? Can he even manage to stay alive?

Web Address: http://www.cleansedbyfire.com

Monday, August 13, 2012


What happens when a suave, handsome chef meets a cute, sassy food critic?

When Shelbi Arrington accepts a position as a food critic in the hopes of burying her medical career and foregoing her residency, the last thing she’s searching for is love. However, that’s just what the doctor ordered especially when she lays eyes on the handsome chef, Justin Richardson. While sorting out her secret conflict of continuing her medical career, she falls for his mouth-watering charm, leaving her hungry for anything he has to offer.

Justin is leery of doctors because a doctor’s negligence caused his mother’s death when he was twelve. He has put his focus and energy into his restaurant, which had been a dream he and his mother shared. Justin is immediately smitten by the cute, sassy food critic that has him cooking up different ways to please her appetite. But when things start to heat up, Shelbi learns of a shocking revelation that could extinguish the flame of their relationship. Will Justin be able to forget his pain and commit to the woman who has stolen his heart?

Cooking Up Love is the first book in the Arrington Family Series.

Website address: http://CandaceShaw.net

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: The Diamond Secret

He's a pirate, an adventurer—and Esther Carlisle has just let him into her New Orleans antiques shop. Cullen Murphy claims he knew Esther's late father…and that her wild-dreaming daddy discovered the true location of the legendary chocolate diamond. Esther knows she should show the handsome treasure hunter the door. And she will. In a minute. Everything changes when gun-wielding thugs barge in and start shooting. Esther may not trust Cullen, yet staying at his side is the only way for her to find the diamond first—and stay alive.

But some treasures can be found only with the heart….

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Friday, July 27, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: A Field Trip to Hell: Experience the 30 Torments of Hell Firsthand Without Having to Stay for Eternity

Many people, even Christians, do not believe that hell is real. Kevin Benton gives sound Biblical doctrine about the reality of hell, leading a journey that will expose its horrors. This tour will challenge beliefs about the afterlife and motivate readers to develop a passion about fulfilling the Great Commission. A Field Trip to Hell provides an opportunity to experience hell firsthand and ultimately find true faith. This field trip is sure to be a life-altering experience.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: The Mind of a Poetic Unsub

The third book of Poetry from award winning author G.P.A.(Greatest Poet Alive),The Mind of a Poetic Unsub is an autobiographical look at the author's experiences..But this book is also an exercise in flexing poetic muscle by showing G.P.A.'s diversity in subjects. Electrifying!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Mary's Blessing


When her mother dies, Mary Lenora must grow up quickly to take care of her brothers and sisters. Can love help her to shoulder the burden?

Mary Lenora Murray knows she is adopted. As she was growing up, her mother called her “God’s blessing.” But now that she’s gone, Mary no longer feels like any kind of blessing. Her father, in his grief, has cut himself off from the family, leaving the running of the home entirely in Mary’s hands.

As she nears her eighteenth birthday, Mary can’t see anything in her future but drudgery. Then her childhood friend Daniel begins to court her, promising her a life of riches and ease. But her fairy-tale dreams turn to dust when her family becomes too much for Daniel, and he abandons her in her time of deepest need.

Will Daniel come to grips with God’s plan for him? And if he does return, can Mary trust that this time he will really follow through?

Web address: www.lenanelsondooley.com

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Faith of the Heart

After four years of waiting for fiance Cal Davidson to return, Claire Secord relocates to frontier Omaha to start a new life. After all, many men did disappear during the Civil war. Inheriting the family mercantile keeps her busy during the day, but at night she dreams of Cal and the hurt and confusion returns.

Handsome sheriff Tom Maxwell befriends Claire and they enjoy a warm, casual romance. When she is kidnapped, she must employ all of her faith, skills and intellect to survive until Tom can locate her. Reuniting, they discover their love for one another and Tom proposes.

Now Claire must decide between honor and commitment with her first love or a future of passion and excitement with her true love.

Will she follow the faith of her heart?

Monday, July 23, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: A Generation of Curses

Khadesia Hill is the wife of prominent assistant pastor Malcolm Hill, a mother, businesswoman, and the prime suspect in her ex-boyfriend’s death. Secrets, envy, deception, and power struggles, are weapons of destruction that threaten to destroy relationships and the church. Will faith and repentance be enough to save them?

Friday, July 13, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Soul Custody by Libra Rajani

Gabriella gave Devon the best years of her life and now he wants to discard her, their daughter, and their marriage like it didn't exist. She loses it all. She's devastated. She's pissed off, and doesn't have a clue about how to reignite her life. In order to make ends meet she opens a daycare center in her old neighborhood. The same neighborhood she tried to escape. Things are slow to say the least, and one suspicious disaster after another impedes her success. She is slow to confess it, but she is lonely and her daughter and the center fail to provide her with what she needs. That all changes when Matthew Savant walks into her life, and she soon realizes that he is the only man who can fill the empty space in her heart and her bed. Matthew Savant has ended his relationship with long-time girlfriend Holly and is finally the public relations entrepreneur.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Revelations by Yolanda M. Johnson

It’s time to move on and that’s exactly what Renee Matthews is trying to do. Last year, her mother interrupted her wedding to tell her that over thirty years ago, she had been intimate with her fiancé and Renee was the result of that intimacy.

Barbara Jean Jackson will do everything she can to ensure that her daughter’s life is as miserable as possible; even if that means destroying the love she has managed to find with Stuart Humphries.
Stuart Humphries left Monroe, Louisiana to attend college. He left everything behind . . . including Barbara Jean Jackson.

Charlie Thatcher fell in love with Renee the day he laid eyes on her. Ever since that day, he has been her protector and her best friend and he is determined not to let anything or anyone hurt Renee.
Revelations is the sequel to Circumstances. Renee and Stuart were on their way down the aisle of wedded bliss—that is until Barbara Jean shows up unexpectedly and utilizes the minister’s option to object to her daughter’s wedding. Barbara Jean reveals that she and Stuart conceived Renee when they were in high school and Renee is devastated.

In addition, Stuart is hurt as well. Sure, he had a relationship with Barbara Jean in high school and he had his share of women long after his college days had ended, but he had finally found that missing piece to his puzzle. He is sure that he couldn’t possibly be his fiancé’s father. Unfortunately, he knows that whether he is or not, he can’t continue his life with Renee because, after all, he did have a relationship with her mother.

Charlie is the only one who isn’t surprised that his best friend’s nuptials didn’t go off as planned. He has asked for Renee’s hand on numerous occasions. Each time, Renee turned him down, but they remained his friends and he was okay with that . . . for now.

Even after all her evil deeds, when Barbara Jean receives a health scare, she expects her only daughter to be by her side to comfort her and be at her every beck and call.

In spite that Barbara Jean has done everything to ruin her life, Renee is by her mother’s side and as if it was God’s plan, secrets of sex, lies and generational curses are revealed. Renee struggles to get past these obstacles because she is determined to be happy and she would make sure that Barbara Jean did not dictate that.

Monday, July 2, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Secrets of a Kept Woman by Shani Greene-Dowdell

Secrets of a Kept Woman by Shani Greene-Dowdell explores what happens when the lines between friendship and betrayal are crossed, and what consequences befall the parties involved. Is the luxury of having everything that you want at your fingertips worth the pain of having to trade your dignity for ill-begotten riches? This is the question that Shayla is faced with in this fast-paced urban tale.

Website: www.nayberrypublications.com

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Saturday, June 30, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Basement Level 5: Never Scared

Alexa Martinez was raised to believe that murder, deceit, and lies were a part of life. A trained killer, she follows in her father’s footsteps, specializing in political assassinations for Martinez Security—contracted through the CIA. She thrives on the power, money, respect, and—most of all—the adrenaline rush.

Despite the danger associated with her profession, Alexa strives to give her children a normal life. But when her past catches up with her, they become pawns in a deadly game of revenge. Operating from a secret base, five levels below ground, Alexa struggles to unravel the puzzle, uncovering secrets that will alter their lives forever. Now she must make a choice—is she willing to die to give her children a life outside the bullet-proof glass?

Monday, June 25, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Teach Me by Iris Bollings

The Lassiter family consists of six precious gems and six true gentlemen. They are all blessed with good looks, charm, and a wonderful sense of self-worth. They know who they are and who they want.

Child number five, sexy, confident and fiercely loyal, Diamond Lassiter made her choice. She did not save herself for anyone less than a real man to teach her how to make love. When she met Zackary Davenport, there was no question in her mind, he was the one.

With arson connected to his last project, the only mission on Zackary Davenport’s mind was ensuring the new home development progressed without a hitch. Working against him was an unknown force that was out to destroy his name. The last thing on his mind was any woman that was after his heart. To that end Diamond Lassiter was trouble, and he knew it.

Revenge, family secrets and love will keep you engrossed as you wonder whose willpower will prevail.

Enjoy Teach Me!

Website: www.irisbolling.net

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Monday, June 18, 2012


Aura Brown is a beautiful, successful attorney who has lived openly as a lesbian for years. She and former partner, Ryoko had a child through artificial insemination, who she is parenting singly, that is until Ryoko decides to move back to town. Complicating things even more, Aura has caught serious feelings for the handsome, mysterious, Malcolm Broaii, so much so, she is questioning all she thought she knew about herself. To make matters even more interesting, an Israeli stranger is introduced to the mix and makes life even more complicated and compelling. To live her life fully, Aura Brown, will have to make some serious Life Choices.

As always, Angelia Vernon Menchan brings the unapologetic, 'Fictionalized Truth.'

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: SUSPECT: A Confessional Anthology

It is the night before Christmas at Portsborough, New York. The snow blankets the ground, the shining lights hang from the trees with great care and the smell of chestnuts roasting permeates the air. Although the city is ready for Christmas, the people who are finding themselves in Trinity Church are not there to celebrate the birth of their Savoir. No tonight. They find themselves confessing sins they meant to keep hidden from the world. You'll never see Christmas quite the same.

Website address: www.pheinkpub.com

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Real Temptation by Marcia King-Gamble

Unlikely bedfellows with nothing in common… except a burning desire.

Rae Tyson is way over her head in credit card debt. Her personal assistant’s salary isn’t covering the bills.

Kael Whittingham’s ex wife turned him into the IRS. Now the IRS wants big bucks.

Can shopaholic, Rae and no-nonsense, Kael share the same living space?

$100,000 is the deal maker. But is the reality television show's reward more tempting than their sensual encounters?

Encounters that leave them wanting more...much more

Website address:www.lovemarcia.com

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: A Lover's Sin by AlTonya Washington

Kraven DeBurgh had pursued Darby Ellis with all the determination of a man set on captivating the woman he would have for his wife. Not a difficult task for a man with so many provocative ways to intrigue a woman. Darby was definitely captivated and had never regretted marrying the devastating Scotsman.

That fact was never more apparent than during three blissful weeks in Paris with the newlyweds Fernando and Contessa Ramsey. It was a fantastic time; the couples basked in love and romance until the unthinkable occurred. Pierced by a single bullet, Fernando Ramsey lay at death’s door. The gunshot unleashes a tidal wave of revelations and regrets. Kraven realizes that the demons he’d turned his back on were closing in with murderous intentions.

The steps Kraven had taken to vanquish his sins had been worthless. There was no solid plan except to pay the costs of the varied and deadly actions of his past. No choice but to accept the consequences of his fate. A fate which might include losing the woman he’d give his life for.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Double Take by Monique Lamont

LaMonica Walker is a journalist and a woman who has always done what was expected of her; never walking on the wild side of life. When it comes to success and her career everything has fallen perfectly in place. However, her love life is at a standstill. Until she gets the chance of a lifetime—interview Detrick Raulins. From the first moment she meets him nothing goes as planned. Amidst a case of mistaken identity, resistance and her body on overdrive from one of the city's sexiest men, LaMonica is way out of her element. Detrick has never had any qualms about being a no-holds-barred attorney when it comes to battling slumlords. Neither has his playboy reputation bothered him; until LaMonica. Always one to protect his privacy, he can’t fathom why he agreed to give an interview, especially to a woman who’s making him second guess his own rules of commitment. In the end one of them must learn to trust and the other has to take a chance for love.

Website address: http://www.moniquelamont.com/

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Pleasure Rush by Farrah Rochon (ROMANCE)

In Hawaii for her birthday, Manhattan restaurateur Deirdre Smallwood has one mission to accomplish. She's going to shed her humdrum image and do something totally out of character: seduce Thelonius Stokes, the gorgeous ex-linebacker for the New York Sabers.

Theo is shocked by the sensual, uninhibited lover warming his bed. The pro-footballer-turned-TV-sports-analyst had Deirdre pegged for a girl-next-door type of woman. But she's making his blood run hot and giving him a rush of pleasure he's never felt before. This time around, Theo vows to score a touchdown on the only playing field that counts: the arena of love.

Website address

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

BOOK TRAILER: What Kind of Fool by Rhonda McKnight

Samaria Jacobs finally has the one thing she's always wanted: a man with money. The fact that she's in love with him is a bonus, but even so, life is anything but blissful. She's paying for her past sins in ways she never imagined and living in fear that the secret she's keeping will separate them forever.

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