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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

NEW AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT - Delorys Welch - Tyson

A native New Yorker, Delorys Welch Tyson is author of the bestselling novel Gingersnaps and its sequel, Ladyfingers. Welch-Tyson, a painter whose work has been exhibited in The United States and in Europe, is also the former owner of The Rainbow Connection Art Gallery in New York City. She and her husband live in the South of France.

Website address: http://deloryswelchtyson.com/

by Delorys Welch Tyson

Random House Publishing Group
ISBN: 0 345 43013 1

You'll never forget them. Aletha. Desiree. Veronica. Debra. Janeen. Louise. Six black baby boomers whose paths crisscross and collide in a wickedly funny, emotionally charged rollercoaster ride of love and hate, jealousy and passion, ambition and desire. They're gingersnaps--spicy and hard, brown and bold--women who refuse to let their cookies crumble when faced with a challenge.

ALETHA: This reigning queen of the talk shows makes a hurricane look like a breeze--but a royal snag in her love life changes her into a shooting star.

DESIREE: Since she's a sister-friend Sigmund Freud, many women "lie" on her couch--but some minds are beyond therapy.

VERONICA: The executive producer of The Aletha Brown Show is a master juggler--until the daddy of her newborn baby takes his act on the road.

DEBRA: What's harder than pushing forty is your overbearing mother pushing you to find a man--in all the wrong directions.

JANEEN: This hot young interior decorator has finally found a man with style--but his favorite pattern is about to clash with her romantic fantasies big-time.

LOUISE: When this controversial ex-nun and bestselling author of Black Men: How to Find One, How to Get One, How to Keep One promotes her book it's a riot--literally.

Rollicking, poignant, and keenly observed, Gingersnaps is a remarkable debut. For what happens when all these friends, lovers, relatives, and associates prepare for a Christmas party in Connecticut is not to be believed. And even if there are no "White Christmas" carols being sung, the chestnuts will definitely be roasting.

In this extremely hilarious novel, Delorys Welch TYson delves into the psyche of six saucy black women whose lives are turned upside down in the endless escapade of truth or consequences. So if you have a craving for something, sweet, hard and downright irresistible, GINGERSNAPS is for you." ---Charlene A. Berry author of Love's Deceptions

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