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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Beauford Place

Beauford Place
by Gwandine

Travel back in time in a fictional place known as Tradassa Town situated in the south during the year 1881 where two people unbeknownst of one another become acquainted under unexpected circumstances. After the death of Mary Ellen’s father Benjamin, she meets Nathan Jonah Hickey who is the hired ranchman of her father’s estate and an attractive singing cowboy known for his genteel mannerism.

Nathan’s love for Mary Ellen Beauford begins the day they meet upon her return to Beauford Place. Being an accomplished woman of color from a wealthy family and a recent college graduate, the austere Mary Ellen tries to show resilience to Nathan’s feelings. This is partially due to the fact that her only example of a good man was her late father who was a successful businessman.

Behind Nathan’s smooth dark complexion and deep brown eyes lies a terrible secret known only by him. If he shares his secret with her, will she be able to handle it? Will it destroy him?

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Throughout her years as a historical researcher and author, Gwandine has found a niche for writing sweet inspirational romantic stories. Her English Literature professors complimented her creative writing skills.

She is the founder of Gwandine Black Cherokee Cowgirl Studios (GBCCS). GBCCS was formed to publish her novels, categorize her paintings and sculptures depicting African-American cowboys and Native-Americans, record audio narrations, and further her research regarding “Black Indians.”

Gwandine is the wife of a pastor. She has always enjoyed sweet romantic stories. Her passion and persistence in creative writing and classical literature stems from childhood when she preferred to write stories rather than play.

She has self-published inspirational Black western romance and adventure novels including intrigue and a book of inspirational romantic poetry under the following titles: Beauford Place, A Love Worth Finding, The Ethiopian Princess and the Cameroon Knight, Murder in Manalapan, and Poetic Peace. Other works consist of her graphic novels Jade Qi and The Anointed Atura, which feature her comic book characters, illustration, inking, and dialogue skills.

Her initial work was published during grade school. With her background in communications, she has written press releases, news advisories, public service announcements, proclamations, and articles for magazines. She also produced over 40 spiritual television productions as a certified video producer and editor. She formerly worked as a graphics editor, graphic artist, webmaster, paralegal, and a proofreader. She has also written inspirational quotes for the church website.

She presently writes inspirational historical romance and adventure stories involving African-American cowboys and Cherokee Native-Americans as she is of Cherokee and African descent. Although her stories and characters are fictional, African-American cowboys have existed since the dawn of the cowboy era as well as the historical accounts of the vital role that the African-American Buffalo Soldiers played in the settlement of the southwest. She is the creator of African-American cowboy and cowgirl graphic novels (comic books) titled The Black West, The Black Cherokee Cowgirl, and The Disguised Debutante.

Gwandine is an accomplished artist as she enjoys painting the wild west on canvas to design her book covers. She is also an accomplished figurative sculptress whose work has appeared in several international magazines. She has donated artwork to the Wilberforce Museum and Cultural Center.

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