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Thursday, December 23, 2010

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Cutting Truths - 50 Enlightening Slices of Life by Michael Levy

Investigating journalism meets inspirational expressions as Levy explores education, finance, media, mythology, religion, science, philosophy and ancient traditions. 

In Cutting Truths, probing questions are asked;

Are religions based on superstition and fallacies?

Can newspapers, magazines, Internet blogs, TV news and other media outlets be trusted to deliver truthful reports?

If we lose faith in people who deceive where can we turn for authentic information?

Do we really have to suffer and wait till we progress to Heaven before we can enjoy ourselves?

Does hell really exist, if so where is it?

50 enlightening slice of life reveal answers that essentially allow the reader to discover their own home baked truths and find out how real they are. Levy does not say he knows absolute truth, in fact he declares nobody on earth can claim to hold sole possession of truth.

However, Levy does point out what is not true and made-up from intellectual propaganda, myths, fallacies and partial falsehood.

Someone once said; nothing can stop and idea whose time has com … Cutting Truths is right on cue to deliver what the public demand ... A free mind released from hype, flim-flam, sensationalism, skullduggery and outright deceits so that they can enjoy life as nature intended.

Michael explains; in life there are but two pathways from which we can choose;

 On the first pathway, truth can be sliced into little pieces and turned into propaganda and lies. This is then sliced into Perceptions, Ideas, Thoughts, Suggestions = Pits. It is then twisted into be-lie-f and non be-lie-f systems that divide people, which in turn causes mayhem and suffering.

 This path is not compulsory. You have a choice

Alternatively, on pathway two, pre conceived concepts, theories and belief systems are dismantled by truth so that the thinker of the thought lives a genuine fulfilling life without fear or prejudice. In everyone's lifetime, results will speak for themselves … Are you ready to leap into an investment that can produce prosperous self-assurance?

On the bigger world scene the author probes the possibilities of human extinction via the ignorance of tribal divisions, pollution and other man-made follies. He states that only veracity can set humanity free but the question now remains is humanity ready to handle the - Cutting Truths?

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